With credit between individuals or credit without a bank, you have another way of borrowing, without having to go through banks where you will be selected according to certain criteria concerning your family and financial situation, among others. Thus, if you are in a temporary occupation, you can always borrow, because you will not have to provide supporting documents such as the latest pay slips that attest to stable employment. A credit without a bank is also the ideal solution for people who are banned from banking, but who have to borrow money to carry out work, build up a cash flow, buy household appliances or repair a car that will be used, for example, to widen the job search area for the unemployed. For the borrower, inter-personal loans offer the advantage of an attractive interest rate, without going through different administrative steps, which speeds up the process of obtaining funds quickly. For its part, the lender benefits from an average return of 2%, which is often the interest rate set up for this type of procedure and is much lower than those offered by banks with their savings products, while the procedure to follow is less complicated than investing on the stock market.